About me
Most people call me Musidora and someones are astonished when I tell them my real name is Regla. It's an unusual name (and somewhat ugly :P)

I'm web designer and programmer many years ago. Create digital or physically is one of the most rewarding things i can do in my life. I can complement my work and my hobby for both to grown and learn.
I found Blythes in 2007, i saw them in a spot. I had to investigate about them and a time later, about 2008, i started collecting Blythe dolls. It is the hobby which I love and I have reported more happiness
Actually, my doll family is varied, but without doubs, Blythes are my favorite ones. I'm in love with these big head and big eyes dolls. I'm enjoy them more now than when i was a child :)
Muffinda Shop
Muffinda as shop was a happy dream come true in 2011 although the web wasn't be already untill 2012.

I started to sew Blythe clothes when the firts doll arrived.
At the begining my clothes were not as well as i wish.
When i recived mi first profesional sewing machine, a Singer, in 2009, i had a good change.
At the begining, sewing clothes was difficult to me, i shoudl learn how to use the sewing machine and how to do patterns...
With a little bit of practice, I became addicted to making new clothes for my dolls.
Actually, i usually go to many Spanish blythecons and I am part of the organization of the Blythecon Sevilla Dolly Olé.

If you will go some Spanish Blythecons, please, stand a moment in my stall. I am always very excited to meet you ^_^
Thank you!